Summer isn’t always consistent in Ireland and we do get cooler days but we still need to keep our Pitta, fire dosha in balance.  The transition from season to season often leads to imbalances in the doshas.  We also don’t want our fire to build over summer to lead to Pitta aggravated conditions.  What is Pitta?  How do I know if mine is out of balance and how do I put it back to balance?

What is Pitta?  Pitta represents the fire element in us and the environment around us.  It also has properties of the water element.  Pitta governs heat, transformation and metabolism in the body and mind.  It governs our digestive functions both physiologically and mentally.  Our hormones are governed by Pitta. It governs our sensory perception (how we perceive things that come in through our senses), our ability to discern right from wrong.  It governs our vision through our eyes and also our vision in life.

How do I know if I need to balance my Pitta? (sometimes it’s really difficult to be honest with ourselves but try your best).  Here are some signs of an increased Pitta.
A tendency to get flushed or heat up quickly?
Frustration or irritation?
Irritated skin, itchiness or rashes?
Acid reflux or heartburn?
Nausea or discomfort upon missing meals?
Do you have excessive perfectionist tendencies for yourself and others?
Impatient or intolerant or critical?
Are your stools often loose?
Is your gaze intense?
Do you get intensely hungry or thirsty?

Answering yes to a few of the above could mean that your Pitta needs balancing.

When balancing Pitta, think, cool, calm, surrender

Enjoy cooling foods, avoid hot spices such as chillies, ginger, peppers, instead enjoy adding cooling flavours to your foods such as coriander, fennel and cardamom.  If you can digest dairy, it is great for pacifying Pitta but take it independently of meals.  Avoid fruit juices.

Avoid going for long periods without eating, intense hunger can come quickly for pitta.

Caffeine and alcohol are very Pitta aggravating…leading to irritation, frustration…..

Stay well hydrated with room temperature water.

Enjoy non competitive activity.  Try to remember the fun element in what you do and not take it too seriously.  A bit of competition is great for Kapha folk but Pitta can get a bit too serious sometimes.   When practicing yoga, don’t feel the need to always go to your maximum capacity or do the most or the best….try taking it easy on your mat once in a while.

Surrender…..try to surrender to life instead of having a need to control…oh the theory is so easy!  

Ayurvedic head massage and Shirodhara aid in this letting go process.  Quietening the mind and pacifying the nervous system to aid in easing tension, anxiety and stress and helps you to get out of your head.

Drink Pitta pacifying tea twice daily to cool and calm your mind, body and emotions.