Have you the courage to say yes to rest and play in a world where busyness and exhaustion are seen as a status symbol?  Listen to the rhythm of nature, she is turning inward, letting go of what she no longer needs.  Seeds are resting in the earth.  It seems like nothing is going on in the winter but so much is happening slowly, silently deep in the earth and rest is needed for this to happen.  Rest is needed if our seeds of creativity, longing and growth are to emerge come spring.  In order to have boundless energy in summer we must rest in winter.  Listen to the rhythm of nature she is turning inward.

In Ayurveda tonification is needed at this time of year if Vata is out of balance, which for so many of us it is. Autumn’s cool winds can bring clarity or they can leave us lost and confused in a haze of useless and stressful thoughts.  It invariably is changing constantly from hour to hour and day to day wet then fine, windy then still; unpredictable.  Such is Vata, the space and air elements moving, shifting, ever changing. These attributes of Autumn (cold, light, unpredictable, moving) by their very nature make it Vata season; space and air, the energy of change.

Ayurveda operates on the premise that like increases like.  The qualities of Vata are cold, light, dry, unpredictable, moving, rough.  We need to use opposite qualities to pacify.  Warm, smooth oil massages are one of the best ways to pacify your Vata dosha and bring the positive aspects of it such as creativity, clarity and enthusiasm. As the weather is cold, the body protects itself from losing heat, the joints can be more cracky and dry, the skin can lose it’s lustre… warm oil massage with Ayurvedic Oils increases the circulation, bringing lustre to the skin and aiding in creaky joints.
Vata governs the nervous system and when out of balance it can leave us feeling anxious, worried, fearful and panicky.  Shirodhara works directly on the nervous system bringing a profound sense of peace and well being, quietening the mind and balancing emotions.

At this time of year it is important that we don’t allow the darkness to draw us down into melancholy, inwards is not downwards.  So allow rest and play; light, warmth and love in all forms and enjoy the turning in of the season.