Are you being gentle and kind to yourself embracing the period of hibernation?  Taking periods of quiet and stillness listening to what your body needs?  I read a quote that sums it up perfectly to me…”The plants and the earth are resting, maybe we should too.  The longer days will be here soon enough.”

We are made up of the same elements as nature.  We too need to take some rest now and embrace the longer nights, allowing ourselves rejuvenation so that when the longer days do start we are prepared for the season of growth, of earth and water (Kapha season) and we are sufficiently rested so the seeds of our dreams can germinate.  The time is coming soon so rest up and nourish so you have the chance to have boundless energy come summer.

Below I have given some guidelines for staying balanced in late winter as we approach early spring.  Taking the time to be aware of where we are at is a fundamental step in taking control of your health and having a fun, happy, fulfilling life.

There is so much pressure these days to go go go, to achieve more, to do better and so little encouragement to just be a bit of an aul human being for a while in all our imperfect, yet perfect glory.  What if you decided to stop measuring yourself and comparing yourself and you accepted yourself in all your imperfections and mistakes and forgave yourself for those times when you say the wrong thing?

Now is a good time to prepare for the onset of Kapha season particularly if this dosha is predominant for you.  Heaviness, coldness, dampness, stiffness are all qualities of Kapha.  According to Ayurveda like increases like so we want to avoid the above listed qualities.  In our food, now is the time to think about cutting back on dairy (this is directly contributes to congestion in the body), to embrace warming spices and to think of increasing our bitter, pungent and astringent tastes.

Avoid eating after 6/7pm and eat a light meal at this time.  You can drink your Ayurvedic tea in the evening but try to avoid anything else so that your body can rest and digest properly and fully.

Kapha time of day is 6-10am and 6-10pm.  So it is best to rise early before the heaviness of Kapha makes rising difficult.   On rising practice asana, pranayama and meditation.  This does not need to take excess time and be a complex process, as little as 30 minutes simple practice regularly will bring huge benefit.

If you tend towards sinus congestion or sinus issues (this includes ears and throat too) now is the time to book in for a nasya  course.  This way you avoid excess congestion and reduce the chances of infection in the Kapha months.
The skin needs care at this time of year as Vata season will have taken its toll and Full Body Massage with Ayurvedic Oils is the ideal way to nourish it.  The list of benefits this treatment offers is too long to write here but helping to establish good circulation in the body and boosting immune function are two.  Self massage daily is encouraged in the Ayurvedic daily routine.

At this time of year we need to have a focus so the heaviness and darkness doesn’t cause melancholy.  We need to encourage a lightness in our day to day living.  But we don’t want to over do it or rush about.  We want to also embrace this slow, heaviness of Kapha to take time to reflect and turn inwards.  Finding a balance between joy and playfulness and inward reflection.