The demands on us placed by the external world these days are outstanding.  The support systems are becoming institutions.  The natural world is suffering.  So are we.  We ignore the calls from our inner world, we ignore the calls from our bodies and expect ourselves to keep going at the same breakneck speed no matter what the season (of the earth or of our lives) and then…. something gives and we have to listen, be it our health, a catastrophe, a shock.

The demands placed on us by the external world may not change but we must change our approach to them if we are to live full, healthy, satisfying, exciting and passionate lives.  What is expressed and lived outwardly must be nurtured and supported by our inner world.  A tree is much more than what can be seen, a tree reaches down as far as it reaches up.  It is supported and nourished from its deep roots.  So must we dive deep and allow ourselves to turn inwards, feel, nurture, heal so we can continue to attempt to meet the demands of the outside world and also to grow as people.

Compassion directed inward, any sort of kindness towards oneself is so tough for so many of us.  But this is where it must begin if there is to be more of it in the world around us.  Show yourself compassion, care, nurture.  It will automatically ripple outwards to the world around you benefiting those you come in contact with.  As well as assisting you in living true to yourself with energy and vitality.

Allow yourself to nurture you, to treat your full being with kindness.  This doesn’t mean indulgence, this means a close listening to what  you need body, mind and soul.  This could mean a cleanse, to climb a mountain, an invigorating massage, a soothing calming shirodhara, a walk in the woods, a look at your diet.
Whatever steps you need to take, do it, nobody else can take them for you.

We are emerging from Kapha season slowly and preparing for Pitta season.  If we have rested and nourished ourselves for the quieter, darker winter and early spring days then we may feel like we are bursting with life, just as nature all around us is now.  However, very few of us have the opportunity to really honour the seasons and their effects on us and we move at the same pace and have the same schedule mid January as we do mid May!! So we may not feel bursting with passion and life force as we enter the warmer, brighter months.

We need to realize and acknowledge that everything that goes out, all the energy and effort that we put into the outer world, comes from within; so we must replenish our inner world.  With all the pushing forward and out we must also turn inward if we are to remain healthy, balanced and well in ourselves; we must take responsibility for our own well being and take the time to look after ourselves.

How do you replenish and give back to yourself?  What is it that nurtures you, that you hear your body sigh with relief when you do it?  Be sure to take the time to do just that.

Oilation is a fundamental part of the Dinacharya (daily routine) that Ayurveda recommends.  Ayurveda says that routine is absolutely necessary to bring radical change to our health and consciousness.  Routine helps to establish balance in one’s constitution and regularizes a person’s biological clock, aids digestion, absorption, assimilation (of all that we process, not just food) and hence generates confidence, peace and happiness.  Bring some form of routine into your life by going to bed and getting up at the same time daily as well as eating at the same time each day.
If daily seems too much at first, oil your body regularly.  Full Body Massage with Ayurvedic Oils does just that.  The benefits are numerous, they include easing tension and tight muscles, improving circulation, balancing Vata dosha, easing fatigue, boosting the immune system, improving concentration and calming anxiety and depression.

Show yourself some really true compassion and kindness and enjoy a purva karma!  A deep relaxation of the nervous system,  revitalizing and cleansing of the body, easing aches, pains and tension and pacifying all three doshas.

Hay fever symptoms can be eased by the nasya treatment.  Although we can’t eradicate the allergy altogether, minimizing the symptoms brings great relief.  So if you tend to suffer, have a nasya course now so that you can enjoy your summer!

Just as we are treating our planet, so many of us are treating ourselves.  Digging deeper and deeper into resources that aren’t really there.  Driving, pushing forward in a relentless world of outward turning, stimulating frenzy.  It’s time to start nourishing and showing compassion to our inner world, living from the source of who we truly are.