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Requires 7 treatments to maximise benefits of Nasya

Nasya is classically indicated for sinus congestion, hoarseness, migraine, facial pain, eye and ear problems, dark rings under the eyes and many more conditions that affect our head. Relaxing head and face massages are first administered followed by a hot towel treatment.
Only then are the oil drops introduced to the nasal passages. The smoke from burning herbs is then inhaled to prevent excess oil accumulation in the nasal passages. 
Excellent for protection against allergens, pollens, or pollutants in the air. Modern allergists state that we inhale 2.5 tablespoons of solid particles every day! This treatment will protect, nourish, and strengthen the sinuses. Fight infections yourself – stay off the dreaded antibiotics!


€80 per 1 hour session
€450 for full course of 7 treatments