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Hello! I`m Tanja – your therapeutic expert
Working with Samadhi Centre since 2005 providing numerous therapy treatments such as: Ayurvedic full body massage, Reflexology, Pregnancy massage and more.
The Samadhi Centre Tanja Balic
I can offer

Experience and benefits

Aiding Pain Relief

Improve the nervous system and aid body’s detoxification

Better Sleep Quality

Hot water makes you feel relaxed which can help to sleep better

Help Reduce Headaches

If you suffer from headaches a spa baths can help you fix it

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

The heat relax the body and the buoyancy may put you into a calm

May Boost Immunity

Luxuriating in thermal may help your body fight infections

Help Weight Loss

Take a bath six days a week for a month will help to lose 4 pounds

Not recommend for clients who suffer from inflammation